Deloitte named leader in talent management

Kennedy has named Deloitte member firms a global leader in talent management in its report entitled Talent Management Consulting 2015.

The report covers the rapidly evolving marketplace with analysis aligned to specific trends, business and client challenges, regions and industries.

The research examines the breadth and depth capabilities of 18 organisations assessed in the Kennedy Vanguard of Talent Management Consulting Providers and summarises the service offerings of 14 more that specialise in one or more components of talent management.

Specifically for Deloitte, Kennedy noted: “Deloitte brings to market unparalleled breadth and depth of talent service offerings and ecosystem relationships that can be uniquely configured to meet clients’ specific needs and price points.

The firm’s approach includes a review of clients’ business strategies

“The firm is continually innovating across the talent consulting value chain, combining lessons learned from its internal talent management journey with practical consulting experiences and data analytics to deliver thoughtful insights and solutions to clients.

“Where Deloitte stands out is in its ability to help clients make strategic sense out of a complex business challenge.”

Deloitte’s workforce analytics solution focuses on the use of historical and current internal and external data to determine correlations between talent drivers and outcomes to predict future talent trends, expectations for employee behaviour, and workplace needs.

The firm’s approach includes a review of the client’s business strategies, assessing current capabilities and data structures to develop a roadmap that enables progression from internal fact book to standalone dashboard to integrated enterprise analytics and visualisation to predictive modelling.

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