The house that dreams built

The house that dreams built

From indoor pool to home theatre and gym, a dream house has everything to keep you indoors.

An outdoor kitchen: perfect for entertaining.

An outdoor kitchen: perfect for entertaining.

Read on only if you agree to a premise: that you’re a millionaire. Or at least, that you’re working and dreaming hard to become one.

Now that dreams have entered the argument, what do you dream about? That you can fly or that one day you’ll develop laser vision? Yet most people dream about becoming overnight millionaires, courtesy of a lucky lottery draw or a kindly neighbour who, unbeknown to you, is actually a millionaire and gives you a load of green just because he likes you.

But the dream is not about the money. Rather, it’s about what it can buy. With a million you can buy a red Ferrari 458 Speciale, a 200-foot luxury yacht, and the house of your dreams. Admittedly, a million will not stretch that far. So let’s give up on the Ferrari and the yacht and keep the house.

Now, with an average budget, you would be satisfied with three bedrooms, a roof that doesn’t leak, a nice little garden with a pool and barbecue area, and maybe even an outbuilding or garage where you can hold poker nights with your friends. But if you’re a millionaire, that will not cut the mustard. You need your own gym, a high-spec kitchen, a home theatre, maybe even an indoor pool with spa facilities.

In Every Dream Home A Heartache, Bryan Ferry used to sing. We don’t agree. So, if you have that million in hand or in the bank, here are the essential luxuries your home should have.


Notice the plural here – it’s not kitchen but kitchens. You have the indoor kitchen, with commercial grade appliances, an intelligent fridge which warns you when food items are nearing their expiry date, and anything else that you need to rustle up a Michelin-starred meal.

Then there’s the outdoor kitchen with built-in grill, fridge and maybe even a bar. But that’s not all. If you’re a foodie at heart, then you should also invest in a wine cellar and tasting room.

Extra room

Sure, a fourth bedroom is handy, especially for when family or friends come over for the weekend. But in a millionaire’s den, guests have their own houses. Ideally, these guesthouses should also come with their own pool and help. Too much? Not really, given that even the dogs have their own pad with dog shower.

Walk-in closet

So you’re the kind of man or woman who has everything. And by everything, we mean Italian handmade shoes, the kind of handbags that are insured, and jewellery that should be displayed in a museum. And for all that finery, you need a dedicated room. This isn’t just a functional walk-in closet – rather, it’s a luxury space with mirror-lined walls and excellent lighting so that you can admire yourself, and your belongings, from every angle.

Home gym

Of course, staying fit is part of the millionaire lifestyle. But an annual gym membership is not enough – you need your personal home gym. And that’s because millionaires don’t like to sweat in front of everyone else. Invest in a home gym with all the equipment that you need to stay in top shape. And if you want to take it up another level, add a changing room and showers.

Pool and spa

A dream home will always have an indoor and outdoor pool. But that is probably not enough pampering. What you need is an indoor spa. Of course, you can always go to a hotel to enjoy these amenities. But why do that when you can stay home and enjoy the huge showers, heated flooring, steam room and soaking bath?

Home theatre

Fancy a movie night? Well, just go downstairs to your home theatre, fire up the DVD and watch your thriller of choice. We’re talking about a home theatre here, so it’s not just a big screen with vivid HD picture quality and a good sound system. You also need a theatre-style popcorn machine, comfortable seating and beer on tap.

A secret room

On certain days, you just feel like getting away from your luxurious life. And you have just the space for that: a secret room that is accessible through a bookcase. In it, you have a comfortable sofa, your favourite reads, and enough sound-proofing to exile you from the world outside.

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