Shelter from the rain

Protecting our homes from water is not an easy task and while roofs present problems, so do walls. In fact external walls can be even more difficult to waterproof because we want them to also look good. Thus external walls have a dual function: that of protecting us from the elements while giving a good aesthetic appearance to our home. In addition, any material we use on our external walls has to be able to withstand rain and cold in winter as well as high temperatures and direct sunlight with high UV factors in summer.

Buffa, through its Maltese agents T4B Services Limited, offers a wide range of wall products that meet all needs and budgets. Materials range from cement-based plasters and lime-based breathable plasters to thermal cladding materials. All thees materials are of the highest quality and are very resistant.

The finishing materials on external walls can be either paints or cladding. Even here Buffa offers a wide choice with all materials offering high quality and long-term colour stability. Especially valid for Malta are the breathable paints based on silicate and siloxanes. These materials are available as both paints and cladding that allow the wall to breathe without allowing water to penetrate. The benefit of this is that any water vapour that may be present in the wall due to build up of water vapour internally or seepage can easily evaporate and escape without causing further damage to the walls. Silicate and siloxane materials are especially recommended for application in areas close to the sea.

Buffa uses oxide-based pigments in all its paints and coatings and this guarantees long-lasting colour stability. These oxide-based pigments are durable and fade very little in comparison with other types of pigments, resulting in longer spans of time before maintenance is needed.

Waterproofing of roofs in Malta is also not an easy task. We have flat roofs typically constructed of concrete covered with screed (torba) and topped with cement (kontrabejt). In some cases the roofs are used for barbecues and parties and this needs an even tougher waterproofing product.

Roofs are exposed to very high temperatures in summer and this causes the concrete to expand, resulting in cracks not only on the roof surface but especially in junctions with the parapet walls. Cracks also manifest themselves on the exterior of the parapet wall due to this expansion. These cracks allow water to enter in the winter months especially during storms with high winds and large volumes of rain falling in a short period. The need to waterproof roofs and external walls is a seasonal problem that affects many Maltese homeowners.

One of the best roof waterproofing solutions offered by Buffa is a two-component flexible cement waterproofing system. Its technical name is Copper Cem Flex 2C. This is a flexible waterproofing system which is ideally suited for the Maltese environment. It has very high adhesion to concrete, cement tiles, stone, metal, wood and even ceramic tiles and traditional deffun. It is flexible and elastic and after setting creates a flexible homogeneous membrane that is completely waterproof, making it the ideal waterproofing product for the Maltese islands. Buffa offers a wide range of other waterproofing products for all types of situations and problems.

For more information visit Building Materials Centre, Valletta Road, Qormi, where you will find a wide range of Buffa building materials for waterproofing walls and roofs in a reliable and long lasting manner. You can also call on 2148 5629 or 9943 8045.

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