Salina national park to be extended

The Salina national park and Kennedy Grove area in St Paul’s Bay will be extended and embellished after works on the Coast Road encroached over the picnic area opposite the park.

Environment Minister Leo Brincat said that works will begin within a few weeks’ time and will be completed by the beginning of next year.

An area of some 3,000 square metres, which is currently unutilised, will be embellished to make up for the 2,000 square metres taken over by Transport Malta for the Coast Road project.

The project will see the planting of around 150 indigenous trees.

The location will be equipped with an outdoor gym, rubber matting, picnic tables and a wooden gazebo for shade, Mr Brincat said.

There will also be playing equipment for children aged between two to 12 years, including animated shaped bins, rock climbing and animated spring riders.

Marsascala Family Park

There was a poor response to a call for tenders for the farming out of services at the Marsascala Family Park, Mr Brincat said, adding that all the bidders were disqualified.

A tender notice was issued in The Malta Government Gazette in January for several sites across eight areas to be rented out to commercial entities.

“There were a number of people who responded to the expression of interest but during the bidding stage, we did not get the response we were expecting.

“I am informed that all the bidders were disqualified. We will now be reviewing the terms to try and make them more favourable so that we can issue another call,” he said.

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