Optimising that kitchen

The arrangement of furniture and appliances represents not only the functional element in a kitchen, but also the definite esthetical characterises of personal taste and lifestyle.

The kitchen is one of the most used and versatile spaces in the house; it is where you prepare and eat your meals; where you spend most time with family and friends; a place of study for some and a space to relax for others. Whatever reason a kitchen is currently being used for, it has to be welcoming, yet functional. Getting the best use out of your space is no simple task and Fino definitely recommends consulting with a designer before committing to any designs. Spaces can be used indefinitely and trends are ever-changing.

Optimising your kitchen space depends on the space layout. Every zone has to be in the right position in order to facilitate the movements and reduction of time and effort; having the units flow with each other depending on the use, without obstacles should correspond to the ergonomic triangle (ideally being a perimeter of about 6.50 m). Every element should be accessible and practical.

The adjustable light system is recommended for different zones and ventilation is quite significant to get a tidy environment without unpleasant smells. The choice of materials is especially crucial in kitchens not only from an aesthetical point of view but also from a functional one. The right materials add a touch of class without ever having to compromise comfort and performance.

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