Investing in our people

Investing in our people

We go that extra mile to show all our employees how much we value them, says Thomas Mahoney, HR Projects Manager, Tipico.

Thomas Mahoney

Thomas Mahoney

How has Tipico grown since it was set up?

Established in 2004, Tipico is the leading sports betting company in the German market. Headquartered at the Portomaso Business Tower in St Julian’s, Tipico offers a wide range of pre-live and live sports betting products delivered through cutting-edge mobile and online channels as well as through a top-class portfolio of approximately 1,000 retail outlets predominantly in Germany. Tipico also offers a wide range of online casino and table games.

Tipico’s growth has always been incredibly strong and shows no signs of slowing down in its core market and in new markets, which it is opening. Today over 5,000 people work in Tipico shops and the company has a 200-strong team in Malta with additional teams in Germany, Croatia and Colombia.

Tipico’s highly experienced and dedicated staff, its strength in software development, pervasive marketing strategy and world renowned brand ambassadors prove to be a winning combination when it comes to servicing our customers and keeping Tipico as the number one sports betting company in Germany.

Tipico Malta is looking to employ another 100 people over the next 12-16 months.

What are, for you, the marks of a good employer and how do you invest in your employees?

A good employer-employee relationship is built on a number of factors that together create a harmonious understanding between both parties. It’s a relationship that goes beyond work. A good employer invests in employees and provides the necessary support on a human level rather than just on a working level.

Employees should feel really great, proud and safe to work for an organisation. Therefore, an employer should create the appropriate working platform consisting of an enhanced working environment, attractive package, innovative technology and working methods, life benefits, fitness programmes, events, a healthy and safe working life, and a supportive structure. Moreover, a good employer should stimulate employees to pursue their personal development paths.

What is Tipico’s strategy to attract and retain talent?

‘We invest in our people that is Tipico’s employer brand slogan and over the years, we have been working hard to create what we believe is one of the most attractive organisations that offers exciting employee packages. Rather than just looking at how to attract talent towards the organisation, we are constantly working on how to maintain such talent and keep the excitement alive throughout each person’s career progression.

Tipico is currently working on enhancing a long-term project to strengthen the link between the first time a person meets the brand on social networking platforms, online and offline adverts or to three months after commencing work.

Positioning ourselves in the Portomaso Business Tower immediately sets the tone to a high-end office feel with breathtaking views. We believe that a company of such stature should give its employees the optimal office space.

A team of dedicated people is constantly on the lookout on what initiatives the organisation can invest in to make employees feel better at work. These range from office amenities and social schemes to benefits, office equipment and internal communication platforms. On the other hand employees have the opportunity through several channels to suggest what they would like to have at the office.

To retain talent, we go that extra mile to show employees that they are not just a number. Rather, our employees are a valued assed and Tipico genuinely cares about them. Based on personal and company performance reviews, employees enjoy the company’s generosity by receiving an end of year bonus, benefits and other several surprises.

Employee engagement initiatives are constantly being introduced to give employees extra and unexpected boosts and to allow them to enjoy little benefits that could effectively make their life easier and also make them feel great at work.

What continuous training do you provide?

At Tipico, personal development is one of our core values and we offer a range of training programmes. Employees are also constantly encouraged to come forward with suggestions for training programmes they believe are beneficial to their daily work and which would also give substantial added value to their personal skill set and to the organisation. We offer on the job and off the job specific training courses both locally and internationally – these range from one-on-one training to group training. We believe that a continuous learning process is part of an employee’s professional career path.

When employing non-Maltese staff, how do you assist them in settling down in a different culture?

Tipico is a multicultural organisation consisting of around 200 employees from 23 different countries. This means that most non-Maltese will fit in rather easily into the set culture. The exciting mix of cultures provides Maltese employees with an intriguing atmosphere to work in and learn from. Departments are divided into small teams and this makes it easier for new team members to adapt. All the required amenities and schemes will await new employees together with an on-boarding induction programme introducing all facets of the organisation. Tipico’s on-boarding programme assists new employees to settle into the organisation’s culture faster and affectively.

The company also offers accommodation to people coming from foreign countries until they find their desired property. This allows new employees to settle down faster, get into their working routine, and adapt to the local lifestyle.

How do you help your employees find an optimal work-life balance?

As part of the employee engagement programme, Tipico promotes a healthy working lifestyle by offering its workforce various schemes and opportunities to keep fit and active both physically and mentally. Tipico offers to cover gym subscriptions to its employees in their preferred gyms. A number of sporting activities are also organised on a very regular basis. Cycling to work is also promoted and the company helps employees financially to purchase the bike of their choice.

On the healthy side of things the company provides complimentary fruits and healthy snacks three times per week. A healthy lunch food menu is also available. Employees can order their preferred dish by 10am and this is delivered to their desk at noon.

Company wide social fun events and team building events are also very popular and highly requested. Employees look forward to these quarterly events during which they enjoy spending time with colleagues from different departments without having to face any work related pressures or barriers. These events range from social outings and sporting contests to boat parties, dinners and departmental team building activities.

Fully operational kitchens are installed on most of our floors at Portomaso tower and this gives employees the opportunity to spend time with others while preparing their food and perhaps cooking together.

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