Ghallis Tower illuminated

A project to illuminate Ghallis Tower, one of the De Redin Towers built in 1658, was recently completed by Din L-Art Helwa.

Since the tower is off the electricity grid, it was decided to adopt a completely sustainable solution.

Solar panels which are not visible from the outside were installed on the roof to harness solar energy which is then stored in batteries and used at night.

This was made possible by using an efficient LED lighting system both for lighting the tower and for inside lighting.

The down-lighting, as opposed to the more common uplighting, minimised the light pollution and enabled Din l-Art Helwa to complete the installation with minimal impact on the tower and it's surroundings.

Din l-Art Helwa, which holds the tower in guardianship, said it hoped the initiative would further embellish the coast road at night and increase the enjoyment of this historic monument as an iconic landmark.

The project was made possible through the sponsorship and support of Solar Solutions Ltd and Brighter Solutions Ltd.


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