If I were a prophet….

If I were a prophet….

I’ve said this before and, I honestly thought that I wouldn’t say it again (at least not before the inquiry about the Mallia shooting incident is concluded), but here I am, saying it again - this is going to turn out to be one big silly mistake, a result of rushed decisions, a doze of incompetence and lots of inexperience.

It is also very likely that once the inquiry board makes its decision, the PN will not like it and will accuse it of some kind of conjured up bias and corruption.

As I stated before, if the inquiry reveals that Mallia was in fact involved in some kind of a cover up then he should go and, all those even remotely involved, should go with him. But, as things stand, and with the latest revelation of the three-way telephone recording between the Acting Police Commissioner, Kurt Farrugia and Sheehan, I am more and more convinced that this is a storm in a teacup. 

I’m not saying that an off-duty policeman, shooting at a car because of a mere hit and run, is insignificant, but that the whole conspiracy and cover-up theory will fall flat on its face.

The recording, which took place just a few minutes after the November 19 shooting, is crystal clear.

At the time, Zammit was simultaneously on the line with the Prime Minister’s Communications Chief, Kurt Farrugia, and as the Commissioner went through the steps of what happened with Sheehan, he repeated the story to Farrugia. 

When Sheehan told the Commissioner that he had shot at Smith at least twice, (when Smith was already back in his car), the Commissioner told Farrugia that Sheehan had shot at least two ‘warning shots’. 

Sheehan himself never used those words but he did not correct the Commissioner when he heard him saying them to Farrugia. This was wrong on behalf of Sheehan and wrong on behalf the Acting Commissioner, but to my mind this was just an on the spot reaction/interpretation of what had just happened and not an intentional misinterpretation or attempted cover-up.

Kurt Farrugia did not ask for further clarifications and at this point, nor did he speak to Sheehan directly, and this too was a big mistake, but again, a mistake that is a result of inexperience and not intentional wrongdoing.

I was always leaning towards Mallia’s side, not because I think he’s a saint (he is a politician after all) but because he’s a criminal lawyer for crying out loud.  Would he say ‘warning shots in the air’ had he known that the car was hit? Isn’t that kind of elementary Watson?

Let’s face it, Mallia might be a lot of things, but he’s not stupid.


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