New Star DK strikes gold

New Star DK strikes gold

New Star DK (no.1) winning the Gold Class race final. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

New Star DK (no.1) winning the Gold Class race final. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

New Star DK, a nine-year-old trotter, won the Johnnie Walker Championship final for Gold Class, the major event on the card at the Marsa Racetrack yesterday.

The race, over a short distance of 2,140 metres, formed part of the 36th meeting of the season. The programme also comprised three semi-finals from the President’s Cup for Premier Class horses.

Ten horses lined up for the final and it was Markus Klipp (Darren Mizzi) the fastest in the early stages, opening a half-length’s lead from Noel Baldacchino’s New Star DK and Sigurd Speed (Mark Tanti).

With 400m to go, Markus Klipp ran out of steam as New Star DK increased its speed in the home straight to win by two lengths from Obelix Molgard (Salvu Vella) and Quito De Femisson (Kirsten Gialanze). Favourite Veikko Hornline (Julian Farrugia) had to settle for fourth place.

Alfred Braddick, the M. Demajo Wines and Spirits representative, presented the trophy to Baldacchino and New Star DK owners John Vella and Joseph Mamo.

Twelve horses qualified for the final stage of the President’s Cup.

In the first semi-final, Pedro Vici (Johan Axisa) upped its pace with a lap to go before sealing the win ahead of Phenix De La Roque (Noel Baldacchino).

Italian newcomer Mint Kronos (Julian Farrugia) and Vejby Boom (Charles Camilleri) followed home in that order.

Pat De Fontaine set the pace in the next semi-final. Driven by Baldacchino, this horse went on to gain its fourth win of the year in front of Original Blue (Chris Cassar), Poulot De Cinty (Clint Vassallo) and Oran (Carmelo Farrugia).

Pat De Fontaine clocked the best average time of the three semi-finals – 1.16.4 per kilometre.

In the remaining semi-final, a keen tussle, involving five trotters, developed in the final straight.

Mad Image (Rodney Gatt) notched its first win ahead of Ohime Mag (Ronald Cassar), Made In Hoff (Charles Camilleri) and Gently Di Poggio (Brian Hili).

Yesterday’s winners

Race 1: Copper. Voila Dry (Ivan Bilocca) – 1.18.5”
Race 2: Silver. Wonderofyou (Julian Farrugia) – 1.19”
Race 3: Premier. Pedro Vici (Johan Axisa) – 1.16.7”
Race 4: Silver. Quipson (Rodney Gatt) – 1.19.3”
Race 5: Premier. Pat De Fontaine (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.16.4”
Race 6: Bronze. Rex Rose (Patrick Spiteri) – 1.19.8”
Race 7: Gold, Johnnie Walker Championship final. New Star DK (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.16.5”
Race 8: Premier. Mad Image (Rodney Gatt) – 1.17.2”
Race 9: Bronze. Man Quick (Jason Cordina) – 1.19.9”

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