A green building solution

First developed 40 years ago, EVG-3D is a construction system that has been proven worldwide. Launched in Malta in 2013, the system is manufactured locally by JM Vassallo Vibro Blocks Limited.

Apart from being a complete structural system using high strength lightweight modular panels complying with all relevant international standards and building codes, the system also offers a green building solution. With the EVG-3D system, insulation is incorporated within the wall and slab thickness and therefore does not need to be added to the building elements as an afterthought. This further reduces the thickness of the envelope required to attain adequate thermal performance in buildings.

The building regulations for Malta stress the need for a holistic environmental design solution to any building. This is enforceable under Legal Notice 376/12. With traditional construction systems, the maximum U-values allowable are not met unless adequate insulation materials are added to the system.

The EVG-3D system can be used for detached villas, multi-storey apartments or commercial blocks, or even as cladding to concrete or steel framed structures. Being a lightweight solution, it is also ideal for additions to existing constructions.

Therefore, apart from providing thermal comfort, the insulated envelope limits unwanted thermal losses and gains which would inevitably have to be met by active mechanical installations. Buildings constructed using EVG-3D components have proven to be up to 50 per cent cheaper to run than buildings constructed using conventional uninsulated components.

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