Please watch this clip... and think

Please watch this clip... and think

If there is one video clip you should watch today, it has to be this (click here to watch).

It is not a video of Islamic State embarking on a trail of destruction. It is not yet another ice bucket challenge.

But this six-minute clip should send shivers down the spine of anybody with a semblance of conscience.

A promo to a series of documentaries Corriere della Sera, to start airing on Monday chronicling the Italians’ mission to save lives at sea, has left an incredible impact on those who watched it. It details the horrific scenes witnessed off Lampedusa - not far from Malta - in the October 2013 shipwreck which killed hundreds of migrants.

If you don’t understand what the Italian rescuers are saying, then forward the clip to the eerie last three minutes as the Mediterranean morphs into a human grave.

Before the army of armchair critics start shooting off their mouths to claim that these asylum seekers were fully aware the danger waiting for them in the open seas  forward to 6.18 when the jittery camera tries to focus on a desperate man, holding a child, pitifully crying “I can’t swim”.

Imagine for a minute the level of desperation you must be driven to if you are compelled to jump on a rickety boat, knowing you can’t swim, because you think it is the only potential voyage to safety. Imagine taking your son with you.

What is also striking about this video is that it gives a different perspective. We see the story from the eyes of the Italian rescuers who reflect on the impact the horrific scenes have had on their lives.

One official says he went home to hug his daughter after witnessing migrants at sea refusing to let go of their dead children. Just stop for a moment to think about that.

Sadly, we are seeing just the Italian perspective. We have Maltese rescuers working for the Armed Forces of Malta doing the same heroic job, but their testimonies, their footage, are probably hidden away on a pen-drive.

For too long now, the media has hardly been given hardly any access to the AFM’s operations with migrants, giving the impression that the work they are doing out at sea should not be a source of national pride.

Of course the footage is shocking and disturbing, but it is the shock factor many of us need to jolt us into realising the human catastrophe unfolding on our doorstep.

Beyond the political lobbying, beyond the appeal for help from other countries, we need to realise that we are talking about a human tragedy. Or as one colleague of mine tweeted: “Dedicated to those who speak about migrants as though they're livestock... because they've lost all sense of perspective”.

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