One of the toughest challenges to date

The Actavis LifeCycle Challenge is turning into one of the hardest ever, with a route that is as treacherous as it is beautiful. The last cyclist arrived at the accommodation after 1am, having cycled since 7am that morning, and at 11pm, there were still six cyclists trying to complete the day's 260km.

One of the main problems is that the route goes through cities, with traffic and traffic lights slowing progress to a crawl.

Today (Sunday) will not be much better as the team must go through Osaka and Kyoto, also endless busy towns.

There have been a number of spills, thankfully only resulting in minor injuries, but the strains are increasing by the day and fatigue is setting in, with lack of sleep and stress taking their toll. Each day another cyclist needs strapping tape on their legs and saddle sore is taking its toll.

The challenge is now half way through, ending in Tokyo on Friday.

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