A horse for her kingdom

Soon Scotland will be holding a super-important referendum which could belittle Britain. Their votes in general elections hardly mean a thing, as London decrees and Scotland obeys but, this once, the Scots will decide their future themselves.

Their decision could be quite earth-shattering. History will look upon David Cameron and his Tory clan with disgust—the man who lost Scotland and really put the Great out of Britain.

Of course the Scots have no clue why they are doing this. The main sentiment seems to be—let’s go it alone as, with or without the rest of Britain, we are hardly working or getting anywhere.

Now, they want to move out of the union but keep the pound and stay in the EU, like someone who divorces his wife but still expects to have one common purse and also remain friends with all his wife’s good looking women friends. Maybe he could also ask for his meals to be cooked by his former wife too.

The EU has pronounced itself and said that if Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, it will have to re-apply for membership. By that reasoning the EU should also ask the ex-United Kingdom to re-apply. Not that the Brits truly care about being in or out of the EU fold.

I thought we had a circus only on our rock but it seems to be a worldwide affliction.

Talking of affliction, I love our three-legged horse in Valletta—but it will rise to global stardom if it is presented to the Duchess of Cambridge if she comes to Malta.

If hyperemesis stops her coming, ship it over to her. And tell her that it could be a great symbol for her Kingdom to come. Right now the Kingdom has four members (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) but without the Scots it will have just three.

But Little Britain will still stand proudly—just like our good city steed.

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