Advanced football game launched on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has proved itself over the last few years as an effective launch pad for innovative projects.

Although Maltese campaigns on Kickstarter have been few and far between, the founders of Oulala, a Sliema-based company, are certainly not disheartened. Quite the contrary – they believe they have a passionate project which will get worldwide support. They have proved themselves right so far, having raised 30 per cent of their funding goal in five days (£7,000).

The online football managing game ( was developed with the help of football analysts during the past three years.

Oulala is the world’s most advanced fantasy football game, based entirely on skill as opposed to luck, and designed to mirror the real world of football by offering players the chance to create and manage a virtual team.

Since Oulala was launched, the company has strived to give its players the best football management experience possible. Since Oulala is free, the company has endeavoured to raise extra funds through Kickstarter, which would contribute to Oulala’s future success by bringing new gaming features to players.

During the previous football season, fantasy football managers were able to create a team by choosing players from the five biggest European leagues (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

Oulala now aspires to add the Champions League to its list of competitions. In exchange for its pledges, backers will not only receive recognition, but also some exclusive physical and virtual rewards.

Oulala managing director Benjamin Carlotti said: “Oulala is already the most advanced fantasy football game in the world. But that fact doesn’t stop us from trying to make it better. We believe Kickstarter is the ideal way to raise some extra funds, which will then be entirely invested into expanding our development team to deliver, to our players, the best football management experience possible.”

The online Oulala football game was launched on Kickstarter.

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