Sette Giugno Cup goes to Zalgado Transs R

Sette Giugno Cup goes to Zalgado Transs R

Zalgado Transs R leading the chargeduring the Sette Giugno Cup final. Photo: Darrin Zammit LupiZalgado Transs R leading the chargeduring the Sette Giugno Cup final. Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi

Zalgado Transs R, driven by Nicholas Bonello, won yesterday’s major event at the Marsa Racetrack – the Sette Giugno Championship final for Premier Class trotters on a short distance of 2,140m.

The final was part of the 27th meeting of the season, made up of nine races all for trotters.

Nine horses lined up for the cup final.

As expected, it was favourite Cloria Victis (Charles Degiorgio) which made the fastest start, opening a marginal lead from Yanantin Boko (Darren Mizzi) and New Star DK (Noel Baldacchino).

Cloria Victis, however, was unable to keep the pace going and with some 300m to go, the Swedish trotter ran out of steam.

It was overtaken by Vejby Boom (Charles Camilleri) which passed the post first, a length ahead of Zalgado Transs R.

The drama was not over though as a few minutes later the racing stewards decided to disqualify Vejby Boom for breaking in the straight for home and the win was awarded to Zalgado Transs R.

Cloria Victis was lifted to second place ahead of Zandina Boshoeve (Paul Galea) and Vanmaker Limburgia (Cliferty Calleja).

Club chairman Matthew Brincat presented the championship trophy to Nicholas Bonello and his father Angelo, driver and owner respectively of the winning horse.

This was Zalgado Transs R’s third win of the year.

The German eight-year-old clocked an excellent average time of 1.13.7/km. However, the record over the distance still belongs to Orcas Bac (1.13.4/km).

In the first Gold Class race of the afternoon, Quel Homme (Noel Baldacchino) dashed strongly from the outside around 500m from the finish line before seizing the lead midway through the straight.

Quel Homme went on to secure its first win at Marsa, some three lengths ahead of Quid D’Aliermont (Charles Camilleri) and Italian Los Angeles (Josef Farrugia).

Veikko Hornline (Julian Farrugia) led all the way in the next Gold race on the card.

This was the first win of the season for the Swedish trotter which reached the post first ahead of Quermes Rush (Noel Baldacchino) and Qadjar Turgot (Mark Mifsud).

Another meeting at the racetrack will be held this afternoon.

The programme will also consist of nine races and includes the 2014 Mediterranean Derby for flat horses over a distance of 1,750m.

The first race starts at 1.45pm.

The race winners

Race 1. Copper – Claude Carnevale (Frenċu Cassar) – 1.16.5”
Race 2. Silver – Pilote De Nganda (James Carabott) – 1.16.5”
Race 3. Bronze – Otas Fighter (Jesmar Gafa’) – 1.17.0”
Race 4. Gold – Quel Homme (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.14.1”
Race 5. Bronze – Mystic River (Felix Casha) – 1.16.7”
Race 6. Bronze – Seignuer Du Dropt (Michael Sultana) – 1.16.9”
Race 7. Premier – Zalgado Transs R (Nicholas Bonello) – 1.13.7”
Race 8. Gold – Veikko Hornline (Julian Farrugia) – 1.15.9”
Race 9. Silver – Rapide Du Matin (Charles Camilleri) – 1.16.3”

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