Fantasy football company offers Moyes job in Malta

The new job role includes Moyes’ own office, a football table and a state-of-art white board.The new job role includes Moyes’ own office, a football table and a state-of-art white board.

Oulala Games, a Malta-based company that offers fantasy football, claims it has offered sacked Manchester United manager David Moyes a £20,000 per month contract, promising he would even have his own “white board”.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez recently said he was convinced his predecessor would get many other job offers, but it is fairly certain this tongue-in-cheek offer was not what he had in mind.

The offer, which is apparently not an April’s Fool joke, was sent to Mr Moyes’ manager, saying it would give him a chance to “prove he is a world-class football manager”.

“The new job role includes his own office, a football table and a state-of-the-art white board,” the firm said in its straight-faced press release.

It wants Mr Moyes to create a fantasy World Cup football team ahead of this summer’s international tournament which British fans can then play against with their own fantasy football teams.

But Oulala did not seem convinced that Mr Moyes would have much success: “The Red Devil’s ex-coach, famed for picking a different line-up for each of the 51 games he oversaw, has a lot to prove when it comes to selecting the right players,” the company pointed out.

United are set to finish with their lowest ever points total in the Premier League and next season will be their first without Champions League football since 1995-1996 and potentially the first without any European football since 1990.’s World Cup Fantasy Football game launches on May 19, with a chance to win prizes every week during the international competition.

Benjamin Carlotti, managing director of, says: “David Moyes needs a job and we are offering him a lifeline. This is his chance to prove to everyone that he is a great manager and can pick the right players to build a successful squad. We think David could excel in a job at Oulala and become a real asset to our team.”

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