Update 3 - Four hurt, one critically, in MFCC structure collapse

Four persons were hurt, one critically, when a structure collapsed onto the stage at the MFCC this morning.

The incident happened during preparations for Gensna when an arch-like structure which was being used for lighting fixtures toppled forward and collapsed onto the stage.

People on the scene said the steel lattice structure fell slowly amid screams and a commotion by those present, but the four were not able to get out of the way on time.

Rescuers arrived quickly on the scene in rescue vehicles and ambulances. Journalists were not allowed in.

Officials on the scene said a 48-year-old man from Fgura was critically injured. Another three men, aged 26, 31 and 25 from, Kalkara, Cospicua and Fgura were less seriously hurt but have been hospitalised. The four were employees of Nexos and Raymond Vella Lighting.

The damage to the lighting equipment and a big screen was described as extensive and running into many thousands of euro.

Producer David Borg said the arch was an integral part of the MFCC tent and was also used in all productions for light fixtures.

He expressed solidarity will all the injured men.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Arena Group, which produced the MFCC tent, said the arch was completely separate of the tent.

"It was designed specifically by the MFCC to allow them to hang lighting and PA equipment, but (it) is not part of the tent itself." the spokesman said.

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