President Abela visits Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College

President George Abela is greeted by Chiswick House School pupils on his arrival.

President George Abela is greeted by Chiswick House School pupils on his arrival.

President George Abela recently visited Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College. The visit started off at Chiswick, where the President was greeted by director Bernie Mizzi and other members of the senior and middle leadership teams.

Level 3 pupils, who recited the school creed, were the first to meet Dr Abela, followed by Early Years 1 pupils, who crafted flags, Level 1 pupils, who prepared a welcome note, and Early Years 2 pupils, who sang Hello Pleased to Meet You in Maltese sign language.

An excerpt from Level 5’s Musical was put up in the school theatre. The President spoke to Level 4 and 5 pupils on encouragement, praise and the importance of generosity and compassion.

Three pupils from Level 4 read out poems and spoke about their perceptions of what the President’s role entails. Two Level 5 pupils presented Dr Abela with a painting of the school facade. He was then led to the playground, where a sports display was performed by Level 2 pupils.

At St Martin’s College in Swatar, Dr Abela was again greeted by Ms Mizzi together with college head Patrick Padovani, members of the senior leadership team, administrative staff and the college council.

Dr Abela visited the new science lab and met up with Sixth Form students during a biology lecture. He was then led to the art rooms, where he spent time talking to a few students.

He also visited the Sixth Form area, where he was greeted by acting head Anthony Abela and introduced to staff and students.

The President was placed in the ‘hot seat’ in the drama room, where Active Citizenship and Cultural Studies students and members of the school council asked him a few questions.

Finally he proceeded to the reception area, where he was presented with another painting prepared by the students.

Dr Abela was also given a copy of a short film produced by the college and The Bigger Picture, which made its way to the World Shakespeare Conference in 2012.

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