A Czech folktale retold

A modern poetic remake of a classic Czech folktale, told from generation to generation, is now available in Maltese and English as a Horizons publication, under the name Budulienko.

The story revolves around a little, curious boy, Budulienko, and his loving grandparents and their journey to learning a valuable lesson after the child is kidnapped by a cunning fox. The story is set in modern-day Slovakia – the author’s home.

The story was written by Jozef J. Matejka, a Slovak writer and poet, and a full-time doctor at Mater Dei Hospital. In 2007, Matejka made his debut with his book PríležitostnéBásne; two years later he published his first story book,Budulienko.

Matejka spent some years in Malta, where he learnt to sharpen his poetic senses. His poems portray the experiences of travelling and of an adventurous soul, especially when compared to many Slovak poets. He describes this as one of the biggest advantages for his poetic soul, even though the price he had to pay was leaving his home and loved ones behind.

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