Richard England exhibition at BOV

Richard England exhibition at BOV

Richard England will be launching an exhibition at BOV.Richard England will be launching an exhibition at BOV.

Around 150 panels featuring Richard England’s work in architecture, sculpture, graphics and art will take centre stage at Bank of Valletta’s 21st retrospective exhibition.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by President George Abela and will run between May 18 and July 19.

The BOV exhibition catalogue carries an introduction by Renzo Piano: “Richard England is a master builder, his walls breathe, yet they are walls which are anchored to the ground and their individual elements interact and merge perfectly.

“It is from the articulation and the joints in an edifice that one recognises the real maker of buildings, and it is thanks to this quality that England’s architectural work avoids appearing romantic. It is an architecture which is local, but also global, for his language is the language of poetry.”

Exhibition curator Charles Knevitt, former correspondent of The Sunday Telegraph and The Times and former director of the Royal Institute of British architect Trust, is also the author of two monographs on England’s works: “England has worked with Malta’s local tradition not against it, respecting mass over void, shade over direct sunlight, topography, climate, materials and the memory of place”.

These exhibitions are organised annually by Bank of Valletta. Over the years, BOV paid tribute to some of the most famous artists of our islands, such as the late artists Anton Agius, Pawl Carbonaro and Joseph Casha. Other household names include Luciano Micallef and Paul Haber.

Richard England holds professorships at various universities in the US, UK and Europe. He is an honorary fellow of the American Institute of Architects, vice-president of the International Academy of Architecture, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an officer of the Order of Merit of the Maltese Government.

His buildings and designs have earned him numerous international prizes and awards. Among his best known buildings in Malta are the Church of St Joseph at Manikata, the Central Bank of Malta annexe, the Millennium Chapel and St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta.

Richard England’s works may be viewed at

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