Parliament at St Elmo

Reading between the lines, the newly-elected Government seems to be having second thoughts on whether to actually move into the planned Parliament on Freedom Square, Valletta. It is also being said that the building will be too small to function properly as such.

I have been advocating for quite some time that Parliament should go to Fort St Elmo.

The fort is ideally situated, majestically overlooking the Mediterranean and the Grand Harbour. This beautiful building should be faithfully restored on the outside and the inside turned into a state-of-the-art parliamentary edifice befitting our nation.

Many European countries’ parliaments are placed in similar positions, such as the Houses of Parliament overlooking the Thames in London.

When dignitaries visit our historic island and are driven along Marsamxett bastions, with the newly-restored Manoel Island beyond, they would get an overwhelming impression. It would breathe new life into this part of the capital. Parking would not create such havoc, as would happen at the city entrance. What is at present being built could be made a museum exhibiting our treasures and crafts.

A small cinema could also be included, highlighting this country’s noble history, for the benefit of our tourists and for visits by schoolchildren.

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