The way forward is actually not so difficult - Michael Gonzi

Nationalist MP Michael Gonzi has attributed 'micro factors' as the cause of the PN's heavy electoral defeat, and says the way forward for the PN is actually not so difficult.

Writing in his blog, he said that major factors which affected the country as a whole and which ensured the nation's progress were discarded from the electorate's line of thought.

"It was useless promoting the fact that Malta fared better than other European countries in terms of economic strength or that unemployment was at a fair percentage or that tourism had another successfully year, four years in a row. It was also useless promoting major projects especially parks, restoration works  Valleta and Mdina rehabilitation and numerous other projects, EU funds and what was done with those funds for the road, renewable energy grants ,agriculture and fisheries grants." 

What led the people to give the PN government the boot was the perception of an incompetent government.

"It was useless doing house visits and pointing all of the above because the perception was of a failing, tired, corrupt group of people who were only interested in statistics and not the basic needs of the family. The continuous perception was of a broken internal executive which day in day out led to a complete distrust in the basic core of the management of this country. The perception of a Klikka taking over ."

Dr Gonzi also listed various other issues include the 'insensitive ARMS and occasional haphazard issuing of bills and the hikes in these bills, the transport saga and resultant Arriva disaster and the power station and energy dilemma where people were left believing more in Labour's arguments than Government's policy coupled with a perception of corruption."

Another issue was Air Malta and its massive restructuring which hurt hundreds of people, not because they were made redundant - on the contrary some were given a generous lump sum of money and managed to open up business -  but the fact that their stable job was finished .

MEPA, he said, was a continuous topic of house visits. "An entity which I suspect adjusts its own rules and regulations every day."

People also complained about Mater Dei and its waiting lists ,waiting times, casualty problems, out of stock medicines and  social issues.

"The divorce issue, gay right, ,the hunters issues - all these were craftily taken by Labour with open arms."

"My conclusion is a government which achieved plenty for the country but failed to address middle management issues and basic client focused priorities," the brother of the former prime minister said.

"The way forwards is actually not so difficult. We need to change to get rid of the bad perception . This will be done by getting new people with new ideas and new management skills and restructuring our party from top to bottom . It will not be difficult because we have the people who want this new change and who want to participate . We will be a constructive opposition and will keep the government on its toes. It has promised everything to everyone and we will be there at its heels if it does not deliver."

The way forwards is actually not so difficult


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