It's going to be an interesting time ahead, now that the political landscape has undergone something of a Titanic shift in its tectonic plates.

Labour is in government, set fair for five years without those minor stresses and strains caused by a one seat majority (that's an understatement) and the PN has to pick itself up, find itself a new leader, and much else besides, and try to reverse a set-back of cosmic proportions.

Within the PN, the name-calling and finger-pointing is going to be wondrous to behold. No doubt many will leap at the opportunity presented to them by Dr Gonzi, who has done the gentlemanly thing, precisely as expected of him, and made it known he will not be standing for the leadership.

The leaping to which I refer is the leap to blame him for everything, while at the same time trying to fill his boots, which will be indulged by some people, I'm pretty sure.

Insofar as concerns the latter activity, it's perfectly legitimate, but those who seek to participate in the former, blaming Gonzi for everything, will find that they will come to be considered as charlatans.

This is not to say that Gonzi does not come in for some blame: a trouncing of this magnitude has more than enough to go round. However, to seek to pin it all on the man who did so much for the country and for the PN would be ingratitude of the highest order, equal in its shamefulness to that displayed by the turncoats who made his life so un-necessarily miserable during his premiership.

So that's one side of what I see as my agenda going forward, doing what perhaps I failed to do in the past, sticking the boot into the PN when actually it sorely needed it.

There, see, I can eat humble pie too, and in fact, the PN guys who want to can blame me for their humiliating thrashing, it's way better for their morale than blaming themselves. For the record, I've done it before, generally on liberal issues such as divorce and censorship, but no-one was listening then, as their showing demonstrates.

On the other side of my agenda paper, I'll be keeping up my Jiminy Cricket act where Labour is concerned and highlighting it when I think they've messed up. If you'll forgive a touch of hubris, maybe I did this too well, looking back, giving them material to use in the "OK, then let's do it differently" stakes and helping them persuade many thousands that they are a good option for government.

Hmm, being seen as sniping at both sides, that's going to be a novel experience. I might need to take lessons from certain people on Facebook who supported AD and use that line about plagues and Houses as my slogan.



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