Only one Green party (2)

Distinguishing the good from the bad is imperative but not enough. One must also act accordingly. The political parties are not exempt.

Both the PL and the PN acknowledge the importance of safeguarding our natural environment, protecting citizens’ rights and promoting social justice. Sadly, on many occasions, this is not reflected in practice.

The case of Armier is a typical example. This location of great natural beauty has been turned into a shanty town by squatters over a period of 30 years or so. Both the PL and the PN watched from a distance while illegal building on public land was underway. Both held secret meetings with the squatters and prom

ises of ‘regularising the situation’ keep on flowing. On the other hand, the honest citizen has been robbed of access to public land and the natural environment has been destroyed.

Another case is the minimum wage issue. It is no secret that the present minimum wage is not sufficient to support a decent standard of living. This was confirmed by a number of organisations including Caritas. Irrespective of this, both the PL and the PN are committed not to introduce a wage rise while in the last Budget the maximum rate of income tax was reduced from 35 per cent to 25 per cent to the benefit of the high income earner instead of the low income earner. Ironically, both parties preach social justice!

Contrary to both the PL and the PN, Alternattiva Demokratika – the Green party is committing itself in favour of a minimum wage increase plus the eviction of Armier squatters and the return of land to the public.

AD puts the people’s interest first and foremost and this is why I shall be voting for them.

Victoria Attard



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