Update 3: Second Toni Abela recording uploaded on YouTube

Police Commissioner tells Abela there is no case against him

The YouTube video with Dr Abela's recording.

Another surreptitious recording of Labour deputy leader Toni Abela was uploaded on YouTube this afternoon.

In this new recording, Dr Abela is heard speaking about an incident where the president of a Labour Party club was sacked after he allegedly disposed of white powder.

Dr Abela implies that he did not go to the police station because it would get the club's president in trouble.

The full transcript of the recording is as follows:

"We had a case involving a certain person. A club president, a responsible man, came and told me what he found. He found a man in the kitchen – he didn’t even know what was happening – who was cutting up a white block. Isn’t what I’m saying true? You know about this. Maybe at that time we were not so on the ball as we are today... We had spoken about it. I got the president to make a declaration. That very day I sacked him. I told him: ‘What do you want me to do, file a report at the police station to get you in trouble?’

"We caught them in the act because even he said he did not know what they were doing over there. Because it was him who got all the powder and threw it away. I said you removed the proof and only God knows what would happen if I went to the police... But I had clear and concrete proof."


The Labour Party said this afternoon that Dr Abela gave the Police Commissioner a statement on a recording the police have had since 2010.

Dr Abela gave his statement to the police yesterday evening.

During the meeting, the Police Commissioner played part of the recording which, at the time, had not yet been uploaded (this recording has since been uploaded on YouTube and can be listened to above). The commissioner informed Dr Abela there was no case against him.

In another statement, Dr Abela said the recordings clearly showed he was emphatic and not willing to accept any suspicious activities at PL centres.

Dr Abela said the commissioner told him he had known about the case since October 2010 when a statement was made by Nationalist MP David Agius, and both then and now he did not feel there was a case.

Abela took action based on a suspicion of abuse - Muscat

Labour leader Joseph Muscat this evening stood by his deputy Toni Abela, who he said took action against a person when he suspected abuse.

Asked about the incident this evening, Dr Muscat said that the main point coming out of the recording heard for the first time today was that Dr Abela had acted upon a suspicion of abuse when other people did not want to give evidence on what they saw.

Asked whether he believed it was Dr Abela's duty to report what could have been potential drug trafficking, Dr Muscat said Dr Abela had acted by sacking a person without there being evidence.

He said that the Prime Minister and Mr Agius knew about the 2010 recordings which they opted to keep and bring to the public's attention at a particular time.

Abela is morally, ethically and politically guilty - PN

In a statement this evening the Nationalist Party described the recording published today as “shocking”.

Rather than going to the police to report a crime, it said, he opted to close his eyes and take no act ion so as not to damage the Labour Party.

The PN said that also shocking was the PL reaction as the party was justifying what the recordings uncovered.

The PN said that Dr Abela was morally, ethically and politically guilty.

And Dr Muscat was guilty as much as him for defending him, the party said.




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