Caring for animals

What would you add to the phrase: ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’?

I’m sure everyone agrees dogs are not gifts that can be discarded when owners get tired of them. People must realise that dogs are living creatures; they need tending to just like a child does. A dog shows unconditional love and affection. Lorelle Camilleri, 23, Mcast-Btec Higher National Diploma in Animal Management.

A dog is not just for Christmas because you need to take responsibility for it afterwards. It is not something you can just throw away. You cannot throw a dog out after a year or two. People should plan for them. Maria Sayapina, 21, Bachelor of Communications (Hons).

I treat my dog as a part of my family. Abigail Farrugia, 20, Bachelor of Arts in Criminology (Hons).

Are people aware of the responsibilities of owning an animal?

Not everyone is aware of the responsibilities of owning an animal. Let’s say the majority of those who own an animal are, but there are a lot of people who do not know what they should do when it comes to caring for an animal. It is important to choose the right kind of animal that would be comfortable with your lifestyle. Lorelle Camilleri

People are not always aware of that. Especially with young animals, one needs to feed them, clean up after them, and constantly care for them. When they are sick, they should take them to a vet. Maria Sayapina

Not everyone is aware of certain responsibilities because they think an animal is a gift or an object. But you have to care for an animal. Abigail Farrugia

Do you agree with putting an animal to sleep if it is ill?

The issue of animal euthanasia is quite controversial. It should be used as a last resort after all the necessary treatment has been exhausted.

If the animal is suffering, it is best to put it down. Lorelle Camilleri

That is a hard question. It depends on the individual and the sickness the animal has. If the animal is suffering and you do not want it to suffer, then you might do so, but it is a very hard choice because if it is your dog it is your friend. Maria Sayapina

I do not agree with animal euthanasia. I think an animal should be left to die a natural death. Abigail Farrugia

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