A water-operated power station and nudist beaches - independent candidates have their say

Nazzareno Bonnici, Tal-Ajkla.

Nazzareno Bonnici, Tal-Ajkla.

How would you like a Prime Minister representing the Nationalist Party for two-and-a-half years and the Labour Party for the other two-and-a-half?

Second district candidate Nazzareno Bonnici, Tal-Ajkla, an independent party, is promising to do just that if elected.

“I opted for an eagle (as his emblem) because it soars high in the sky and sees everyone, giving everyone due consideration, not like the other parties,” he said.

Interviewed on TVHemm he had criticism for both the Nationalist and Labour parties, as well as AD.

Saying he was at a loss as to whose energy proposals to believe, he said that what he would like to solve the energy problem was a seawater-operated power station.

Acknowledging that this would be a miracle, he said however that “miracles do happen”.

His criticism for AD mainly centred on the party’s opposition to hunting.

“I am neither a hunter not a trapper but hunters and trappers have a right for their hobby. Everyone has a right for their hobby and hunters have no one representing them,” he said.

The European Union did not escape Mr Bonnici’s criticism. “The EU has made us everyone’s slave,” he said.

He said that as an MP he would make sure that MPs attended Parliamentary sittings. Those who did not would have to resign, he said.

He announced a mass meeting in Sanctuary Street, Zabbar on February 16.

His parting shot to the Maltese was “open your eyes. Do not believe the big parties’ lies. Vote for me if you want success. The other parties will crush you. With me you know where you stand.”

Also contesting the second district are independent candidates John Zammit, representing the Liberal Party and conservative Tonio Mercieca. Mr Zammit is also contesting the sixth district, Mr Mercieca the ninth.

Mr Zammit described his Liberal Party as “more progressive than Labour and the PN.

“We are the most liberal in the world... Some people in Malta are still afraid of abortion, we agree with the decriminalisation of abortion until week 24, in line with British Medical Association guidelines. The morning after pill should be legalised.”

Other proposals include turning Comino into Malta’s Ibiza,  nudist beaches, the decriminalisation of cannabis and legalisation of brothels.

Mr Zammit said he would also remove parliamentary privilege and criminal libel.

“What we want is real change, and for the Maltese to start thinking with a European mind.”

On the other end of the spectrum, was Tonio Mercieca, who five years ago was an Azzjoni Nazzjonali candidate.

His appeal is for the people to vote for the leader of any party first, and then give him their number two.

“Big parties are becoming too liberal,” he said.

Declaring he had been against the introduction of divorce, but saying that now that it had been introduced, it would stay, he insisted that a line had to be drawn somewhere and such liberal practices could not continue to be accepted.

Gays now wanted marriage, and after that they would want to adopt children and others would start calling for abortion.

Gays could form a union under a cohabitation act, rather than marriage, he said.

Mr Mercieca said he would be willing to join in coalition with the party obtaining the most votes but would vote according to conscience or abstain in decisions he did not agree with.

His other proposals including a four storey underground car park at the university topped with flatlets and bungalows which could be rented out to students.


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