Modern society in disorder

Hilaire Belloc stood on a wooden box in Hyde Park just before an election and told whoever was there to listen that he was a practising Catholic and that his allegiance was to the Pope in Rome and that, if anyone wanted to vote for him, he would uphold all the teachings of the Catholic Church. He was elected.

The victims are invariably children. Their voice can never compete with the loud and abusive voice of adults
- Margaret Bianchi

It took courage, especially in England where there was so much animosity towards Catholics at the time.

I wonder if any candidates of ours, who believe and practise the Faith, are prepared to do the same.

Many seem to think that the issue to win or lose the election is the Labour cry to change over to gas.

I think the public does not expect either one party or the other to be in a position to lower the energy bills in the next five years.

What could determine the fate of the next Prime Minister, however, is the position he takes with regard to upholding our Catholic beliefs.

We may have become a secular State but there are serious powerhouses of prayer that are interceding for Malta to maintain moral standards that safeguard the dignity of humans.

If the two main parties choose to be ambiguous about hot issues that they fear will lose them votes, then they may be surprised by significant numbers of abstentions on election day.

While each one of us is worthy of respect and love, we need to distinguish between lifestyles that are ordered and those that are not.

The present state of families is chaotic because we have allowed it to become so.

We live in a generation of forceful democratic indulgences whose consequences are left to fate, resulting, more often than not, in gross injustices.

The victims are invariably children. Their voice can never compete with the loud and abusive voice of adults.

Democracy is unfair because it is in the hands of adults who are concerned with themselves first and foremost.

In the past, the words law and order sat comfortably together but, since some democratic choices have forced the enactment of certain laws, we are no longer able to use this term anymore.

If it were a joke it would be funny but because it is serious and actual it is tragic.

Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in God’s Word, as handed down from our ancestors: Abraham, Moses and David.

Though we are aware of differences between these religions, there are common denominators too.

There is in all three religions a belief in God and a respect for His laws.

However, with secularity and populist democracy, we are witnessing a reordering of life from that handed down to that which we seem to prefer.

This is what our present-day reality is harvesting and carefully storing and protecting for future generations.

When a biological father has to go to court to claim paternity rights for his son because his former wife’s lesbian spouse wants to adopt the boy, I see disorder.

It is argued that the child’s mother has a right to bring up her child because she is in a stable relationship and the father is not.

When a couple divorces and a new partner starts living with one of the divorcees, the safety and security of the children is compromised. We have seen too many cases of abuse and misconduct. I see disorder.

Can I argue with an established way of life that will not and cannot be reversed? Hardly!

Mine is just one among other voices that is quickly drowned by bloggers.

Nevertheless, I will still appeal to the new crop of lawmakers who will sit in the next Parliament to declare themselves with courage and conviction before we are asked to cast our vote.

I also appeal to the leaders of each political party to be clear on whether they intend to uphold God’s laws, as opposed to popular vote-catching platitudes that leave us wondering.


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