Hungarian woman suffered 60 stab wounds - Accused does not remember anything

Stabbing victim Yvette Gajda. Photo: Hungary RTL

Stabbing victim Yvette Gajda. Photo: Hungary RTL

A woman who was killed during an argument in St Paul's Bay last November suffered some 60 stab wounds, but the man accused of killing her told the police he did not remember anything, a court heard today.

Details were given during the compilation of evidence against Laszlo Nandor Marton 57, who is pleading not guilty to the murder of his partner, 38-year-old Yvette Gajda on November 27.

Police Inspector Keith Arnaud said the police had found the victim in a pool of blood, lying face down in the middle of the corridor. She was certified dead on  the spot.

The accused was next to her on the floor. He had chest injuries. 

Preliminary investigations showed that there had been an argument between the accused and his partner. 

The dead woman had injuries to the top half of her body including her head.

The body was later examined and the victim was found to have 60 stab wounds on the head, neck shoulders and upper back of the victim. Near the body was a large pair of scissors which was also  in the pool of blood.

The accused had  nine stab wounds, all on his left side.

During questioning, the accused told the police that he had been in Malta for a few months. He came here with Yvette. He said that their relationship was good at the time but deteriorated. He claimed that she had a relationship with Ahmad, a man who lived above them and she wanted to go and live with him. 

The couple had a five-year old daughter together but Yvette had another four children from another man.

The day before the stabbing the children and their mother left to live with Ahmad and the accused slept alone.

On the day of the stabbing,  he went up to the flat to see what was happening. He found everyone there except Ahmad.

He asked Yvette to go with him to their flat to talk. An argument developed and she grabbed the scissors. He took it from her but then did not remember anything else until he found himself in hospital.

Arnaud Tahaner, a bar owner and neighbour told the police that he had heard arguments and Tamara, one of Yvette's daughters turned up at his flat, hysterical and said that she needed help because her mother was injured.

He went down and looked in and saw her on the floor. The accused was on his knees, on top of her.

The man immediately called the police.

The police were also told how Tamara had heard the couple arguing. At one time she heard her mother pleading  "please don't do this I have five children." 

Tamara had told the police that the accused had hit her and her mother and had also come home drunk at times. She said that she did not know if her mother was in a relationship with Ahmad. The accused was very jealous of Ahmad and it was the source of many an argument.

The inspector said the police also spoke to Ahmad and he said he did not have a relationship with Yvette and only knew the couple for a few months. He said Yvette and her children asked him to sleep at his house and he accepted and in fact gave them a key. He said that the night before he was not there. In fact he returned only after the crime was carried out.

The inspector said the accused and the victim had lived together for 10 years. They had lived in Malta for seven months and had discussed moving to England. He did not work. She worked in a hotel.


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