Muscat trying to turn PL into a copy of the PN - Gonzi

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said this evening that a vote for the PN would be a vote for the real thing and a guarantee for the future while a vote for Muscat was a vote for instability and a risk not worth taking.

Speaking at the PN’s stronghold of Balzan this evening, Dr Gonzi said that Labour was so ashamed of its past that it was trying to disguise itself into a copy of the PN. However, he argued, that people have got used to associate the PN with stability, sound finances and a strong sense of direction which Muscat could only aspire to imitate.

“We are the real PN and if you want a sound future you know that the right choice is the PN once again. In order to win, Muscat is trying to turn his party into a copy of the PN but everyone knows that he is just a false imitation.”

“Muscat is so ashamed of Labour that he speaks, dresses and acts like a Nationalist. But please don’t let him fool you. The real nationalists are us,” he said.

Dr Gonzi said that whenever Labour were in power they made a mess out of the country.

He said that the last time Labour was in power in 1996, even though for a brief period, it froze Malta’s application to join the EU and tried to change the VAT system, creating the biggest deficit the country has ever seen. Now history was repeating itself and Labour was once again promising projects that if implemented would mean a disaster for the country’s future.

Dr Gonzi said that despite the difficult international situation, the PN had managed to create a thriving economy which produced more wealth and created more than 20,000 new jobs.



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