Parties show their colours

Parties show their colours

The blue and red shades traditionally associated with the Nationalist and Labour parties made way for various colours for their campaign logos.

The dark colours of the Nationalist Party’s official logo were replaced with a rainbow of hues while the Labour Party’s simple red, white and grey torch gave way to a bright landscape scene.

Both parties retained the national colours, also present in their party symbols, and wove the white and red of the Maltese flag into their campaign logos that were unveiled yesterday.

As the campaign officially kicked off, so did the marketing strategy war with billboards reappearing after the Christmas political break.

As images of the logos and billboards spread across the social media, both parties were accused of being copycats. People on Facebook likened the PN logo to the one of television network NBC. The PL was not spared criticism with its logo compared to the Obama 2008 campaign.

The PN logo consists of what looks like five rainbow-coloured petals that form other colours where they overlap. Beneath them is a white and red petal – symbolising the Maltese identity.

“The colours of the petals symbolise diversity of opinion and the unity on which the politics of the PN is built,” a spokesman said.

Near the symbol is the slogan Futur fis-Sod: Xogħol, Saħħa, Edukazzjoni (A Secure Future: Work, Health, Education).

Labour’s logo includes an abstract landscape depicting land, sea and sun with the Maltese flag protruding in the middle. Beneath the image are the words Malta Tagħna Lkoll (Malta For All).

Cartoonist Steven Bonello said both logos were “sleek and colourful” but he was not impressed.

“The bright and jolly colours augur a clean campaign… but my feeling is that this campaign will degenerate to the low and dirty,” he said.

He said that, while the PL’s was not a typical political logo, perhaps intentionally, the slogan was vague. The PN logo, he felt was clearer.

“I suppose this is all about diversity of opinions… and it works OK,” Mr Bonello said.

The first billboard, unveiled by the PN yesterday, brought back memories of the person-centred 2008 GonziPN campaign. This time, he is accompanied by deputy leader Simon Busuttil – the two looking into the distance.

On Facebook, the billboard was compared to one featuring US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden – in the exact same position as Dr Gonzi and Dr Busuttil.

The blue background is also the same with the only difference being the smiles on the faces of the US politicians.

In contrast, the PL billboards do not feature Dr Muscat or any members of the party, so far. They consist of a range of images of families, children or workers holding a sign with the PL slogan. Dr Muscat’s name is, however, the main highlight of a banner bearing the words and the new logo.

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