Working as a marine biologist

Interview with Alan Deidun

Interview with Alan Deidun

What is it like to work as a marine biologist? What does a marine biologist do on a daily basis? What are the opportunities for someone interested in the underwater world to get a job in this sphere? What are the necessary qualifications to become an expert in the field? What if one is fascinated by the underwater world but is not a wild fan of diving in the deep blue?

These and many other questions related to the profession of a marine biologist are answered by Alan Deidun in his interview for the Zone.

About Alan
Age: 33
Bachelor of Science (Hons) - University of Malta
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology - University of Malta

More useful information:

(i) through participation in EU-funded projects, the University (and to some extent, even public bodies like local councils and other) are employing marine biologists for the duration of the project to aid in the implementation of the same project;
(ii) marine biologists are increasingly teaming up as well with oceanographers (with a physics background) and IT people to develop a relatively novel field known as ecological modelling which is important for forecasting purposes.

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