The theory of creation

What is the philosophy of life? How did we get here? What is our purpose on earth?

These are questions many of us have asked time and time again, without receiving a definite answer.

To get very close to these answers, author Kevin Falzon, in his new book The Gospel of Forbidden Truth, suggests we must look beyond the book of Genesis.

The publication proposes that in life there are truths, and extraordinary and contradictory as they may sound or seem, they provide the real answers to the existence of mankind.

Falzon, who also wrote The Bible Paradox, claims that mankind on planet Earth forms part of an evolution which was initiated circa 300,000 years ago due to genetic engineering.

He calls the creation of the first ‘pro-creation’ because the creator needed the DNA of the species that anthroplogists call homo erectus in order to fashion the primordial first being homo sapiens.

According to Falzon’s theory, the latter is erronously identified as Adam in the Genesis which, in anthropological terms, is a neanderthal.

Falzon writes that among numerous misinterpretations found in the Bible, Yahweh could not be the one infinite creator, and this is clearly confirmed in the Seven Tablets of Creation of Sumerian origin, dating circa 4000BC.

In other words, the concise details we find in Genesis today were borrowed from the much-detailed Sumerian texts which, among much else, describe who the highly evolved beings that pro-created mankind were.

In the book, Falzon also discusses prehistoric space visitations, ancient hydrogen powerplants, biblical nuclear wars, demi-gods and extraterresrials, Old Testament genetic engineering, primordial abnormal inheritances, the human evolution, gigantism, Moses, miracles and magic and much more.


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