The onion is peeling itself and the aroma wafting out is rather interesting.

From what one can glean from his resignation letter, the former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party no longer has any confidence in the current Leader of the Labour Party.  The words "l-fiducja tieghi fil- konfront tieghek spiccat " mean, basically, that "my [Farrugia's] confidence in your [Muscat's] regard has finished".

This is damning in more ways than one.  

It shoots down in flames the fanciful notion being floated by the Lil'Elves and Peculiar Pundits that Farrugia's resignation was a result of Labour discovering the principle of accountability.  Farrugia resigned because he no longer has any confidence in Muscat.

It shoots down the equally fanciful notion that Farrugia resigned because he was man enough to admit his mistake.  He resigned because he doesn't have faith in Muscat: in so doing, to be fair, he demonstrated a degree of manliness, unlike that Debono fellow who spent months insulting his Prime Minister but resigned from nowhere.  

Not only did Farrugia not admit to any mistake, he even says that Muscat simply didn't get it, that Muscat understood nothing.  Taking this to its logical conclusion, Farrugia is saying that the people who applauded the infamous speech on Sunday were right and that therefore it, by necessary implication, Muscat has gone against their sentiments by making him resign.

The only fly in the preceding paragraph's ointment from Farrugia's point of view is that Muscat, we're told by Farrugia, applauded too.  Which can only mean, I suppose, that Muscat claps his hands gleefully when the rabble is being roused, knowing full well that when needs must, the knife will be plunged. Policies and principles being chopped and changed on the fly hardly does it justice.

With friends like that, who needs enemies, Farrugia must be feeling, and I can't say I blame him.

Think about it: Farrugia stuck with Labour all these years, side-kicking the Golden Youth all the while, to be dumped callously and without mercy as soon as the opportunity presented itself. And this a few days before Xmas and a few months before a General Election that he must have believed was his stepping stone to the Deputy Premiership.

Muscat the ex-journalist however spotted the looming PR danger of leaving Farrugia in position and then Muscat the wannabe-PM wielded his axe and lopped off Farrugia's head.  

What evidence do I have for that statement?

None whatsoever, it's just a theory.


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