PN: the change we need

Last week marked yet another milestone in the glorious history of the Nationalist Party. The election of a new deputy leader, following the nomination and subsequent election of Tonio Borg as European Commissioner in Brussels, was not only proof that this party can and is able to regenerate itself but, maybe most importantly, that it had the luxury to spoil its councillors for choice when presenting both Tonio Fenech and Simon Busuttil as candidates for the post.

Simon’s input will act as a catalyst for success
- David Casa

Both candidates met the necessary criteria to take on this important position and I believe that either of them could have filled Borg’s shoes in an excellent manner.

Having worked closely with Busuttil for the last eight-and-a-half years at the European Parliament, I am sure that he will be able to perform outstandingly in this new post that the Nationalist councillors chose to entrust him with.

His strong ability to persuade enables him to win the trust of the most sceptic minds. In these challenging times for the PN, it is of utmost importance to start building trust again. His contribution at the European Parliament has been enormous and we can proudly say that other delegations, even those that arefar larger than us, hold us in high esteem.

Simon’s new challenge is a big one. With the election approaching, his task is not only to persuade Labour Party followers to vote for the PN but also to bring back to the fold disgruntled Nationalists themselves. This is a major task that he will not and cannot shoulder by himself. He is part of a team that has led this country and our party to huge successes and, ultimately, to a better standard of living.

There is no doubt, however, that Simon’s input and his fresh ideas will act as a catalyst for success and that his outlook will definitely have an important influence on voters’ decisions.

It should be emphasised that, even though the timing may suggest so, Simon’s election as deputy leader of the PN is not just a strategic plan to win the upcoming election. It forms part of a greater ambition to regenerate this party. If one takes a look at the Cabinet of ministers, it is clear that the faces there are much younger than those the PL is presenting.

The fact that this country has been governed by Nationalist administrations for almost 25 years now demonstrates that the citizens of this country can tell the difference between those who know what is good for them and those who are advocating change for the sake of changing.

As Simon rightly said last Friday, we are the change that this country needs. It is true that we need to listen more to what people have to say and that we have to keep in touch with the electorate at all times. This pre-electoral campaign period has shown us that, apart from its change in style, Labour has nothing to offer. Thus far, it has primarily stood out due to its leader, who arrogantly pursues his personal ambition to become Prime Minister at the age of 39.

If we take a look around us we will instantly notice that Nationalist administrations have changed the face of the country, the way people think and the way foreigners look at us.

The Maltese islands have made huge strides over the past 25 years and we have managed to achieve all this despite the financial turmoil that has been shaking Europe and the world in recent times. Nationalist administrations have planned their work and worked their plan. There were no hidden agendas, no secret pacts and only one interest in mind: to help this country progress.

Lawrence Gonzi, Busuttil and the rest of our team are facing another great challenge now. I am sure that this team has much more to offer to us than Labour ever will. As a party, we have always been ready for new challenges and this election will be no different. We are the party with the best package – now it is up to us to make the electorate realise this.

Finally, one should also recognise the valid contribution that Fenech made during the deputy leadership contest. His integrity before, during and after the contest was a clear example of how a democratic process should take place.

Fenech is still a very important part of the Nationalist team and his enormous contribution towards ensuring the financial stability of this country should not go forgotten.

We as a party have all the right people to steer this country in the right direction and I have no doubt that the electorate will once again choose wisely.

David Casa is a Nationalist MEP.


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