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I’ll start with a note to the aspiring journalists who read this column. Why they read this column, I’m not entirely sure. The Lil’Elves and Peculiar Pundits would probably say it’s so they can learn how not to do it, but be that as it may be.

The State is obliged to make the lives of all its citizens as undramatic as possible
- I.M. Beck

The Strickland Foundation, a worthy institution, has launched a scheme whereby budding journalists can get some of the folding stuff that is so necessary in exercising the profession, what with all that beer to buy an’all.

You can Google about and find it, I’m sure.

As I write, I’m keeping half an eye on the news feeds, to find out if Tonio Borg made it past the assorted liberal/socialist/progressive/bigot blocs of MEPs who were making it pretty damn clear that they have little enthusiasm for his appointment. I’m, as it were, vamping until the news is in, though, frankly, what I have to say about the so-called liberals doesn’t really depend on whether Borg gets through.

I have never made any bones about the fact that on matters of, if you want to call them that, personal morality, wrong description, but it will do, Borg and I are not exactly four-square.

That said, his record on human rights when standing up to be counted meant something, more than makes up for what, at the end of the day, are matters of personal conviction and a professional, especially one as consummate in this as Borg, ignores them and does his duty.

This is not apparently a consideration which the smug find relevant.

They prefer to rest on their preconceptions and vote with their ideologies, instead of troubling themselves to think a bit more deeply on the matter.

Whatever the result, and as at this point it remains unknown (they’re doing something else in Strasbourg), the bloc of bigots should be ashamed of themselves but they are incapable of feeling this because they’re right, all the time, don’t you see?

And yes, incidentally, I can go back and rearrange the tenses above before pressing send but this gives it more immediacy, don’t you think? Budding journos take note.

Another contest coming off soon is that between two young whippersnappers (compared with me, anyway) with whom I have interacted in various contexts over the years.

It is of Busuttil S and Fenech T that I write, contending as they are for the deputy leadership of the Nationalist Party (as long as they don’t come over all chivalrous if the bigots prevail) and I know them both to be good at what they do, even if they don’t support Chelsea.

Who would, after Tuesday, incidentally?

It’s not a decision I’d like to take, choosing between them, and far be it from me to seek to influence the voters.

All I know is that whichever one is chosen, the Lil’Elves and Peculiar Pundits will find something wrong with it and organs such as Malta Today will, no doubt, take great pleasure in dissecting the decision every which way from Sunday.

As I write, the excellent news came in that Borg is to take his rightful place as a European Commissioner, despite the antics of the small-minded.

I forget to mention the Socialist arrogance of one of that genus, by the way, when he said that if Borg were appointed, they would watch him every step of the way. This is real Lefty Control Freakery at its worst, they know best and always.

One can but hope, now speaking from my proper place on the liberal side of the equation, that for my old friend Tonio and those of his ilk who have been less than open-armed towards lifestyles that do not meet with their unbounded approval, the European Parliament grilling experience will prove to be a salutary lesson.

What goes on between consenting adults, as long as they don’t scare the horses or alarm the servants, should remain between consenting adults and, in fact, the State is obliged to make the lives of all its citizens as undramatic as possible.

This means, for instance, that we don’t need to go through paroxysms of angst every time some question such as gay marriage raises its head.

If we all just take a chill-pill, there are ways and means of sorting out things, especially if we take the trouble to distinguish between Church and State, letting the former do its pastoral duty but ensuring that the latter is governed for all, not just the faithful.

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