Troughing Time

Pedants about the language (as I can be) will probably say that the first word in the title doesn't exist, and they'd be right, though care I do not, given the astounding depths to which the Lil'Elves and Peculiar Pundits' grasp of language consistently descends.

The word is a nod towards the jibe about snouts and troughs that is regularly directed towards anyone who has the temerity to stick up for the Government or point out that Joseph Muscat's Labour Party is not the cat's whiskers.

In Euro-sceptic circles, any reference to Brussels and/or the European Parliament is usually accompanied by cracks of a similar nature, making people like me wonder how, with this in mind, adherents to the sceptical frame of mind can justify to themselves the eagerness they show when the chance to clamber aboard the gravy train presents itself.

Indeed, our own Esteemed Leader of the Opposition, in an earlier life, one which his Party is doing its damnedest to make us forget, was a vociferous anti-European.

Not that in this he is any different from many of the Big Beasts of Labour, such as the Vella Duo and former PM, Dr KMB, who shares the distinction of getting into Parliament without a vote with the current Wannabe PM.

The latest - and most vehement - anti-European to sniff the air and realise that it's way sweeter up Brussels way is former PM, Dr Alfred Sant, who thinks the dead vote and less means more. Having decided to bow out of local politics, hardly before time, he's set his sights on a congenial berth in the European Parliament.

What price his distaste for the EU now, ay?


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