In the blue

In the blue

What it's like to be an underwater photographer

Matthew Farrugia

At only 28, Matthew is proud to showcase a number of achievements in the area of photography. He has been commissioned for many projects. He has been published in a number of foreign publications. He has gained numerous awards for design as well as for photography.

Matthew’s passion for water and talent in graphic design and photography have steered him to the decision to specialize in a unique, yet challenging, niche within the visual and artistics market – underwater photography.


From advanced diving courses, to heavy investment in professional photographic equipment, Matthew has given all to develop his passion and turn it into a profitable business venture. Watch this video feature with Matthew and enjoy the fantastic photographs and undewhater footage. 

About Matthew
First Degree in Creative Design Univ of Lincoln (UK), BTEC National  
Diploma in Graphic Design 

Diving Qualifications:
PADI Open Water & Advanced Open Water, PADI Emergency First Response,  
PADI UW Photography Speciality
BSAC Dive Leader, BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver
Introduction to Marine Biology at the University of Malta 

Roses Advertising Awards - 2007, Student Design Awards by the  
University of Lincoln - 2007, PX3 Paris Photographic Awards - Semi  
Finalist - 2007, Photographer's Forum Magazine Award of Excellence -  
2008, The CSAC UW Photographic Competition Sponsored by Mares - 2009,  
Blue Campaign Photographic Competition - 2011, Dive Photo Guide  
Monthly Contest - 2012, 2 Honorable Mentions in the International  
Photography Awards - 2012 

Photographers who inspire Matthew:
David Doubilet
Brian Skerry 

Useful links: 

UW footage used for this video has been supplied by Adrian Borg Ghigo.


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