My choice to stand and be counted

I am dedicating my time and energy to the Nationalist Party to contest the upcoming general elections under its ticket. I am new to politics and recognise that this is perhaps more of an advantage than a disadvantage, as I will be contributing to the ever-going renewal and change within the party.

I am not willing to take a chance which jeopardizes our successes
- Kristy Debono

Having studied economics, I recognise the wisdom with which the Nationalist Party in government steered the course of economic policy to help our country and its people sustain living standards throughout times of instability which the global and European economy are going through.

As a worker in the ‘new economy’, I appreciate the vision of the Nationalist Party in government in having nurtured investment which has brought rewarding jobs to young people with wide employment opportunities thanks to the first class education they received.

As a woman, I fully live the important role which women can and ought to increasingly play by contributing through work, family life and active participation in social and political activities.

As a Maltese citizen, I cherish all the positive elements that make our culture unique in Europe and the world, and particularly those related to the natural environment.

Why have I chosen to stand and be counted at this time?

The world around us is in turmoil. Over the past years, our tiny economy could have been very easily swept by a huge drop in exports or a flight of capital away from our shores, leading to the spectre of unemployment, a drop in income and difficulties for families, firms and, ultimately, the Government itself, to meet their commitments.

That this did not happen to this country is not a mere chance but a result of the correct economic decisions taken by the Nationalist Party in government, chiefly in the areas of education, specialization in niche economic activities, control of the fiscal deficit, EU membership and the adoption of the euro.

The international economic turmoil remains a clear and present danger to our economy. It is my belief that it is only a Nationalist Party in government that can guarantee our country the right vision, courage and ability to make the correct economic decisions to steer our economy in these difficult times.

It is the party that believes in bringing about opportunities for individuals through better education, which believes that our business can prosper in small niches within a globalised international market and which is constantly striving to ensure a decent standard of living to all members of society.

It is also the party which recognises the challenges ahead and has concrete plans, under EU frameworks of action, to address them, whether they are related to the participation of women in the economy, safeguarding and enhancing the natural environment or increasing social cohesion in our country.

I am not one who takes all this for granted.

By keeping close tabs of the events unfolding around us, I recognise the danger that even a single incorrect economic decision can have on our country and its people for time to come.

I am willing to take a risk to safeguard and enhance the achievements which each and every one of us has achieved over the past years with a Nationalist Party in government.

I am not willing to take a chance that jeopardizes our successes and our continued prosperity into the future.

I therefore stand to be counted.


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