It's all about politics stupid

Someone asked me what I think will happen in the deputy-leadership contest of the PN. I can't understand why I was targeted with such a question.

I've never understood a thing about politics and every time I say anything about it I hear a few thousand opposing comments and a few zillion boos to my thoughts. So I've decided that the best thing to do in this mad state of ours is to go on blogging about politics. No one knows anything and still everyone jabbers so why change the pattern of our inane state?

It's greatly interesting that this country—bar a Dalligate fiasco—seems to be on a good enough path. Not all paved in gold mind you but quite well positioned, especially compared to what there is around us.

The thing is if Greece, Spain or Italy had to go on sinking surely the EU, as it has shown, would strive to save them. But the size of these countries and their economies could drag a few other slightly healthier neighbours down the chute. With us if we do falter or are perceived to be faltering not much is needed to bail us out.

So here again small—that renowned dottiness of ours—comes in handy. To be cruder and quote a saying that's been bandied about at least since the Knights ruled us, all we need to survive compared to most is a beżqa u infuru (a bit of spit drowns us).

But what the hell is new about that?

Labour in their ongoing onslaught to win at all costs get into a slight muddle every time they talk about the economy. They're dying to admit—between their ever-ready smile through gritted teeth—that the economy is fine and dandy. All we need to do is not scare businesses, they seem to be saying, and the rest will be gloriously good.

Same as now but better with less cost to the consumer, less bureaucracy and less noxious uses of bad electrics. Turbines will work, roads will be paved in heavenly style and bliss will be crowned king. We will all smile, be happy and wave our EU and white labour flags till piglets turn to boars and they—the pigs, the hogs and the boars-- join the national airline in flying nonchalantly in the air. Oh and I'm sure the national airline, which is now making a profit, will make even bigger ones once the reds take over.

But still when Fitch or Poor Standards or whatever such rating agencies are called call the shots and we are far from damned, the Labour whizz kids tell us our good rating by such bodies is thanks to Labour. Yes, our future according to labour is assured—because it already is good and they will only build on it. Ergo not all is bad under the Malta sun is it?

What has this got to do with vices and leaders? Well nothing really. What I have started to believe is that maybe Malta's dottiness is this: it can move ahead and move well even with no one at the helm. Because at the moment, let's be honest, is there anyone at the helm? Is there a head of government? Is the prime minister in control or does everything happen by auto pilot?

Maybe that is the way forward with politics—get rid of all politicians and move on as happily and steadfastly as we are now.


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