Leaving aside the ins and outs of the affair that has been christened as "Dalligate" (such originality) don't you find it amusing that the Labour-leaning media, social and real, has suddenly started to remind us that Dalli is a true blue Nationalist?

In the interests of grammatical accuracy, if nothing else, I'd say it would be better to substitute "is" by "was", given his propensity to appear on One TV to whinge and whine and moan and groan about the Government. How Dalli can say, as he said, that he is a Nationalist and keep a straight face is moderately astounding to me.

That said, ignoring the maxim about when being in holes, you stop digging (it's not only in this context that he seems unaware of this very valuable thought), he tried manfully to rescue himself by saying that the PN no longer exists.

He said this, you will not be surprised to learn, on One TV.

Along with the acolytes whose confession he was accustomed to hearing, Dalli was a great hero, up to a few days ago, to Labour's Lil'Elves and Peculiar Pundits. Not so many moons ago, he was Dalli HuBastjan, the embodiment of Nationalist evil, but hey, needs must, even if the Devil drives.

The same applies to Pullicino Orlando and Mugliett, also current favourites with the Opposition, who, not outside the span of living memory, were objects of derision for Labour but now are held up as admirable exemplars of independent thinking.

As for the cynicism on the part of certain people that accompanies the sly poking and prodding of that Debono fellow into ever-accelerating tumbles into terminal befuddlement, well, enough said, for the sake of charity.

Could someone answer, then, how the Nationalist Party is to blame because four or so specimens have taken it into their heads that they are right and everyone else is wrong? True, because of the purely circumstantial vagaries of the electoral system, they (their Father Confessor excluded) have the power to throw their weight around, but just as it's no merit of theirs, equally it's no fault of the PN's.

On the other hand, given that Labour chose to jump on their little bandwagons, it's going to have to live with the consequences. You know, birds of a guilty feather, and all that.


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