The state to which some areas of the media have been reduced is pathetic, really.  These so-called journalists seem to have dedicated themselves to following the outpourings of characters such as that Debono fellow and the other bitter non-achievers, though to be sure, it is paradoxical that John Dalli fits into this classification, given that he has climbed the highest pinnacles within the EU.

On Sunday, we were given an illustration of how decent politicians have to waste time  taking into account the slavish knee-jerk reactions to each twitch of Debono's whim on the part of these people.

Dr Jason Azzopardi, a Minister who has worked at his brief efficiently and - most observers freely acknowledge - successfully, felt he had to make a statement about how he had taken on, and paid for in full, the services of a well-known contractor for some minor private work, simply because the contractor is involved in a project under Azzopardi's remit.

Where is the story in this, I hear you ask?   Well, there is none, in truth, but because of the way any connection with private enterprise, even entirely innocent ones such as this, are latched onto by those with an interest to sling mud and drag everyone down to their own level, pre-emptive strikes have to be made. 

To be painstakingly accurate, this is not an area in which Debono leads.  He is merely echoing the opportunistic cynicism to which we have become accustomed over years of mudslinging by Labour and its poodle-media.  He just does it with less style, and much more viciousness, which is pretty much his only USP.

And before he thinks of another privilege complaint, is it anything but vicious to compare Dr Gonzi to Malta Hitler?  As to his stylishness, well, enough said, I would think.

It is not only Debono who makes snide remarks of course. 

MaltaToday saw fit, for instance, last Sunday, to tell us that one of the counsel involved in the case where a mother was jailed because her 17-year old son refused to do what he was told is the President's son.  I only spied the headline from a neighbouring table while having a coffee in Xlendi, because I don't read that rag, but the insinuation was clear: how could the President exercise his prerogative of mercy properly if he had a family involvement?

What utter crap, of a level we have become used to, sadly.  The President, in this situation, merely acts on the advice of the Government, so the story was an utter non-story.  And that doesn't even take into account the digs at the integrity of the President and his son that were being made.

Similarly, there's a story going around that St Philip's Hospital was bought by the Government because a Minister's son's company is owed the money, so he's going to get paid now. 

Oh come on, please, seriously?  Are there people who are so abjectly gullible that they believe this rubbish?  And so cynically opportunistic that they spread it around, with a smug smile disguising their licked lips? 


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