PL: stating the obvious

I know I'm probably driving everyone nuts by using these posts to criticise both PL and PN in quick succession, but bear with me. It is hardly my fault they are both making a pig's ear out of pretty much every political issue that we really care about.

Take Labour. We have been waiting for some concrete electoral proposals from that camp for months. Well, bated breath might be pushing it, but let's play along for argument's sake. Finally, a mere six (or even two, if rumours are to be believed) months away from deadline, we get a grand press conference to announce these long-awaited proposals.

The PL, the press was informed with all pomp, has formally approved a guideline for future electoral proposals. Should they manage to get their hands on the throne, they fully intend to improve the standard of living of families.

Uh, you don't say.

Guys, if you really needed to get this proposal formally approved before making the grand announcement, then our political system is in a more dire state than I thought. Did you really expect any PL official to vote against a better standard of living? Of course not. So what exactly is the purpose behind this announcement, other than a failed attempt at butt kissing the voters with empty words?

The next question begs itself. Having got the obvious approved by party officials, did you really need the full fanfare of a press conference? Are you expecting us to applaud you - and vote for you, no doubt- for stating the obvious?

The third question is perhaps the most important of all. How exactly are you planning to fulfil the obvious? So far we have had words and more words, with no hint of deep strategy. Words are cheap, effective strategies are rare. Sure, if I wanted to run the country I too would promise everyone a reduction in income tax, in the price of fuel and electricity, maybe better roads and..yeah... better standard of living too. The trick is actually delivering.

Finally, now might be the right time to specify exactly which families are you referring to. The traditional nuclear, heterosexual family headed by a married couple?  How about impressing us with a straight-forward, inclusive definition of family? You guys just love gaining political mileage from the PN's mess ups on this topic (mess ups that are many and memorable, granted) but you have not exactly signed on the dotted line of liberalism either, have you?

The point of all this? Simple. Next time don't bother with the PR exercise if you don't have any concrete developments to offer. There are only so many times you can fool us into paying attention.


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