What it's like to be a neuroscientist?
How many hours does an athlete spend in training to become the best one in his field?
What does it cost to set up my own business?
What will I be able to do with a degree in diplomacy?
Some have found the answers for themselves. Others are getting there. Like you, they all have a passion for something - a career, a talent - the love for something.
Watch the ZONE videos featuring young people talking about their career choices, their talents, and hear them speak up, raise issues relevant to today's youth, and join the Zone if you believe you are part of a strongly opinionated and capable generation.
get inspired
share your own experiences
showcase your talent
be an inspiration to others


A young team of creative minds joined to build an area dedicated to the younger audience.

The Zone’s objectives are:

  • to allow young people to showcase their own talents, initiatives, career choices and share their experiences with the world
  • to facilitate the younger audience in Malta to get a better understanding of the various aspects of life, professionally as well as personally
  • to serve as a valuable tool in guiding students, young prospects, and other young people already engaged in the work force, in finding the right career.
  • to serve as a platform for open discussions on various topics concerning young people today

If you have your own talent to showcase or you wish to tell others about your career, send your own videos or contact the Zone team for an interview: [email protected]



Get heard and share your own experiences with the others. Tell others about your career choice, what it takes to get where you are, the ups and downs you experience and give your own advice to those who are still uncertain about what they want to do in the future. 
To be interviewed for the Zone send a free-style email with a brief description of your career.
Alternatively, you can send your own video. Send a low-resolution version of your file to [email protected]

Accepted files: MP4


Showcase your talent.
Be an inspiration to others.
Email: [email protected] and tell us why you believe you have a special talent, what it is in, and where have you taken your efforts until now.
Or, send your own video to [email protected] and get the chance to be discovered.

Accepted files: MP4


Speak up.
Raise awareness.
Discuss an issue.
Motivate others on environmental, social, political, career, educational topics.
Inspire your own generation and get heard.
Email us at: [email protected] and tell us an important to the younger generation issue that deserves to be discussed or argued.
Be part of a larger voice and encourage others to join you.


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