So that change may continue

Over the years, the Nationalist Party has proved itself to be the catalyst of change for the Maltese society. It was the party that brought about the Independence for Malta. It was the party that led us into the European Union.

The present Administration has continued with this tradition of reform. It has brought about the euro changeover after we were able to pass the harsh economic tests imposed by Brussels. Reforms have been made in a number of areas such as public transport, the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, education, social policy, privatisation of public companies.

Lawrence Gonzi as Prime Minister has delivered.

If you want change, the only alternative is the PN.

The party’s core principles and values remain valid. It is those core principles that attract me to offer my service to the public on the PN ticket. There is no better time to give your input than when there is a will to embrace a process of regeneration. This is the main reason why I chose to accept the invitation of the PN to be a candidate.

There is no better time to return to our party’s core values, consider and analyse how these are still applicable to our party and, ultimately, how these can be put to the service of our citizens. It is worth standing for the party now to participate in such analysis and to design how our families, our youths, our elderly, our workforce, our businesses can be better served.

This is the time when armchair politicians ought to ask themselves whether they too can play a more solid role. We have all at times been engulfed with political apathy, thinking that the “ordinary Joe” has no role to play. But this is where we fail the general interest most. Politics is not only for the politicians but also for the “ordinary Joe”. Mutual respect is therefore a must.

Not everybody would be happy when these reforms have taken effect: they have also brought about disgruntled people, even within the party. What others may consider as infighting is to me a stage in the process of rejuvenation of the PN. The squabbling that has been going on clearly shows that established rules of procedure and ethics have been entirely forgotten. Internal wrangling was initiated without any thought of how this could affect us and the nation as a whole.

The voter who wants change cannot vote Labour. The Labour Party, under Joseph Muscat, unlike under Alfred Sant, has managed to resurrect the dinosaurs that stifled Malta in the 1970s and 1980s. Some of the “new” faces of Labour are persons who were ministers when some of our present Cabinet members were not even born.

The protest vote cannot be one of abstention. By not voting, one is leaving the decision in the hands of others. It would be useless to state that “I did not vote” and, later on, that “nothing has changed” or that “we are worse off than before”. The protest vote should only be in favour of new blood within the PN. A person can only bring change for Malta and for the PN if he votes for new ideas within the party.

Maltese society is changing rapidly. We can no longer refuse to recognise that we have different types of family structures.

Education is not something that belongs to youths and restricted to traditional subjects in formal structures but it must provide educational avenues to persons of all ages.

Our workforce does not only want a job but a job that reflects one’s capabilities. Consequently, it is no longer only about creating jobs but also about empowering the workforce.

Politics needs to address the demand for opportunities. It is no longer valid to compartmentalise or stereotype. It is a time to provide those who have a sound business plan, those who dream of a project, those who want to reach a goal with structures that do not suffocate them but actually allow them to grow. Most of all, it is about being with people, understanding their ails and their aspirations and shaping policies that address real situations.

Let change continue! This is the only way forward for the PN. It is this challenge that has really determined my candidacy.

Dr Comodini Cachia is a lawyer specialising in human rights.


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