An ICT vision

The fully completed SCM 01 is a LEED certified building which adheres to strict international standards for energy efficiency.

The fully completed SCM 01 is a LEED certified building which adheres to strict international standards for energy efficiency.

Smart City Malta has implemented the most advanced and reliable ICT infrastructure in Malta. As the front-runner in this sector, this investment is a critical move for Smart City Malta to fulfill its vision of enriching the knowledge economy in Malta.

Speaking about the company’s vision, Smart City Malta’s CEO, Fareed Abdulrahman said, “Smart City Malta’s ICT vision is shared by the government of Malta. It has found all the necessary synergies with the government to create a unique destination in the heart of the Mediterranean. For Smart City to be a success in any country that it enters, it requires the strong backing and support of that particular country, as well as a common ICT vision.

The government has made tremendous efforts to build a solid foundation for itself to become a hub within the global ICT network. This is what fundamentally attracted Smart City to Malta and what encouraged an investment of at least $300m (€238m) to create a vibrant knowledge-based community anchored by leading local, regional and global companies.”

As the online sector is becoming increasingly competitive, so are the technical requirements of businesses in this field. To meet such demands Smart City Malta has developed an IT infrastructure that is fully capable of delivering unprecedented results.

“The companies that come here will want to have 24/7 operations and we encourage that. It is what we call mission critical support,” added Mr Abdulrahman.

The ICT infrastructure at Smart City Malta was designed for global digital operations. This infrastructure is so secure and redundant that it will be practically impossible to shut down Smart City Malta. It is also designed to cope with any future technology breakthroughs and will position Malta as a regional centre of excellence between Europe and North Africa.

Smart City Malta is connected to the rest of the world via two separate fiber-optic cables on two different routes. These cables are connected to a network distribution centre on the Smart City Malta campus.

This centre is the main aggregation point of the entire network within Smart City Malta. Each building in the campus will be interconnected through this centre. Any business tenant can have up to a massive 1 gigabit internet connection direct to the office, which increases on request, from day one. This multiple network connection between the telecoms operator and Smart City Malta network distribution centre will ensure seamless online operations, even if one con­­nection fails.

With such a strong back­­bone infrastructure, Smart City Malta is an ideal location for mission critical ICT operations such as data centres, disaster recovery centres, satellite teleports and similar activities.

However, an ICT infrastructure cannot function without a reliable power connection. In an effort to leave nothing to chance, Smart City Malta has its own large-scale power distribution centre that is fed with a 33KV power from two sources via a dedicated protected tunnel.

This provides both high capacity and redundancy for use during peak periods and unforeseen power cuts from Malta’s main power station. At building level a full-power generator provides the third level of redundancy.

Innovative technology has also been given a priority at Smart City Malta. Since Smart City Malta has its own distribution network, the risk of a potential bottleneck between the service provider and the end-users is minimised.

Given such an infrastructure, business partners and residents at Smart City Malta can enjoy bandwidth-hungry services such as cloud computing, high definition and 3D TV and high quality VOIP.

Through its fully unified campus system, Smart City Malta will provide business partners single access cards systems which recognise individual companies and even people, thereby offering a more personalised service. Access to company information over the phone, use of one phone number over multiple devices, voice interaction with e-mails, and video communication are all a way of life at Smart City Malta, given its own ready-built platform complemented by on-campus support.

Smart City Malta’s heavy investment in this reliable infrastructure also provides business partners significant cost savings. The ready-made infrastructure eliminates set-up costs of fibre optic cabling and specific active equipment for the Metro Ethernet. In addition it dramatically reduces telecom expenses.

Business partners can run their office-automated system from the central campus system, thereby eliminating set-up and operation overhead. This cost saving also applies to power generation. Integrated with Smart City Malta’s central campus system, lights and ACs are centrally monitored and controlled, ensuring no power is wasted after office hours or on weekends.

Also, the buildings at Smart City Malta are all LEED certified, thereby adhering to strict international standards for energy efficiency.

Security and safety levels are also greatly enhanced at Smart City Malta. The fire detection system is activated throughout every building and linked with access control systems. Elevators and sprinklers in turn are monitored through the central campus management system.

“Smart City Malta is designed to be more than simply a business park. If you look at the master plan, a whole city is being designed. We will provide everything from retail outlets and restaurants, to healthcare facilities and even a lagoon which is currently under construction. We’re creating the environment and the ambiance to make Smart City Malta attractive for workers during the day and friendly for families to spend time here in the evening.

“Our investment is spurred from our vision to make Smart City Malta the latest destination on the Maltese islands,” concluded Mr Abdulrahman.


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