Tal-Buttar Tower and watermill

Scheduled properties (Miscellaneous 2)

The Tal-Buttar tower located at Tas-Sienja limits of Marsascala is a defence structure that is possibly of military origins as evidenced by the type of construction and surviving features.

Although it has not been dated, the features present in the tower indicated that it was constructed during the time of the Knights.

The tower appears to once have been accessed through a drawbridge as the slits on the elevation still survive. The tower also contains a watermill or sienja tal-miexi as it is known in Maltese. The machinery of the watermill is probably one of the best surviving examples of such a watermill in the Maltese Islands.

Mepa scheduled the Tal-Buttar Tower and watermill as a Grade 1 national monument as per Government Notice 22 dated January 10.

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