Mepa schedules a range of properties

Mepa schedules a range of properties



MEPA has given high level of protection to a large number of heritage buildings and sites that include gardens, flour mills, internal structures and towers.

Among these buildings, MEPA has scheduled the 17th-century watch tower
known as It-Torri tal-Wejter in Triq Dun Filippu Borgia in Birkirkara. This tower, which was commissioned by Grand Master Fra Ramon Perellos de Roccaful, consists of a square structure set on two levels and is surrounded by a high parapet wall.

Villa Grognet, located at 433, Triq il-Kbira, Mosta, was scheduled as a Grade 2
protected building. This property is thought to have been the home of Giorgio Grognet de Vassé, the architect who projected and supervised the building of the
majestic Mosta Rotunda among other properties.

The garden adjacent to the villa features a belvedere from where Mosta Church is easily visible.

René Attard, Senior Planning Officer within MEPA's Heritage Planning Unit, said
that properties with a level of importance need to be scheduled with urgency in order to safeguard them from impacts emanating from pending development proposals or illegal works that might have consequences on their integrity.
Another building that received protection is found in Triq tal-Gardiel, Marsascala. It is a typical Maltese structure housing a water mill. Remains of the original mechanism consisting of a central wooden shaft, which is connected to a pump that was originally driven by a mule, still survive.

A number of dwellings, containing significant features in the localities of Naxxar and Siggiewi were also protected.

One is a property in Triq il-Kbira, Naxxar; a typical Maltese baroque townhouse on two floors. In its varied history it served as a school, a police station and other uses.

In Triq id-Dejqa, in Siggiewi, a property was scheduled as it contains various medieval architectural features. The intricate and laborious stonework noted on the internal façade includes roundel carvings and a unique relief featuring mason's tools, which is also decorated with adjoining roundels.


1. Tal-Wejter Tower in Triq Dun Filippu Borgia, Birkirkara – Grade 2
2. Tal-Gardiel Tower and water mill in Triq il-Vjola, Marsascala – Grade 2
3. Tal-Buttar Tower and water mill, Tas Sienja, Marsascala – Grade 1
4. Torre Gauci in Triq San Pawl, In-Naxxar – Grade 1
5. Property abutting Torre Gauci in Triq it-Torri Gauci c/w Triq il-Konverzjoni, Naxxar – Grade 2
6 Selmun Tower in Triq Selmun, Il-Mellieha – Grade 1
7 Underground flour mill limits of Il-Palma, L-Imgarr – Grade 1
8 Corradino ex-Naval/military prisons limits of Corradino, Paola – Grade 2
9 Qrendi ex-military airfield, limits of San Niklaw, Is-Siggiewi – Grade 2
10 Palazzo Bighi, Il-Kalkara – Grade 1
11 Bighi ex-naval hospital and ancillary structures, Il-Kalkara – Grade 2
12 Properties numbers 57, 58, 59, 60, including gardens, pigeon loft and other ancillary structures in Triq il-Kbira and water mill in Alley Number 1 in Triq il-Kbira, Balzan – Grade 2
13 Ta’ Kaspru Palace in Triq Santa Margerita, Triq Sant’ Anton Abbati and chapel property number 75 in Triq Santa Margerita, Il-Mosta – Grade 2
14 Villa Grognet in Triq il-Kbira, Il-Mosta – Grade 2
15 Property number 131, Triq il-Kbira, In-Naxxar – Grade 2
16 Property numbers 11-13 Triq id-Dejqa,
Is-Siggiewi – Grade 2

17 Villa Sciberras in Triq Marina, Triq ir-Rinella, Il-Kalkara and its gardens and ancillary structures – Grade 2
18 Palazzo Bettina c/w Triq Wenzu Dyer, Il-Birgu – Grade 2

19 Corner property in Triq ir-Repubblika, Triq il-Kapuccini, Victoria, Gozo – Grade 2

20 Cumbo Tower in Triq it-Torri, c/w Triq Durumblat, Il-Mosta – Grade 2
21 Underground bombproof power station between Fra Diegu and Il-Moll tal-Pont, Il-Marsa – Grade 2
22 St Philip’s Church in Misra˙ Francesco Zahra, L-Isla – Grade 1
23 Tax-Xerriek pigeon loft in Triq ix-Xerriek, Marsaxlokk – Grade 2
24 Part of Palazzo Armeria in Triq il-Haddiema, Zurrieq – Grade 1

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