Neglected historical residence

I recently had the opportunity to visit the summer residence of Bishop Don Baldassare Cagliares, situated close to Wied l-Isqof, limits of Buskett and Verdala Palace.

To my utter disappointment, the place turned out to be in a disastrous state and totally abandoned. Such neglect is definitely unacceptable. This was the summer residence of a Maltese bishop who worked so hard for our diocese. In return, he received strong opposition from the Knights of the Order, the Inquisitor and the Maltese Curia.

I was told that this summer residence, which has its own historical value, was once also used as a fireworks factory.

Alongside this residence (built in the traditional Maltese style with a courtyard right in the centre and various rooms surrounding it), there are other houses in the same pitiful condition. Moreover, one can also note the empty and blocked famous “well”, which played an important part in the story of Bishop Cagliares.

This residence also offers a breathtaking panorama of one of the most beautiful green areas of our country.

I appeal to the authorities to take care of this historical site. If we lose this summer residence of Bishop Cagliares we would be neglecting part of our history.

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