Our Lady of Fair Heavens (San Duminku), Valletta

Parish churches (33)

In 1571 during the magistracy of Grand Master Del Monte, the Dominican community was assigned a site in Valletta to construct their priory and church. In time the original church became ill-suited to accommodate the needs of the local community. Bishop Labini laid the foundation stone of the new church in 1804. The church was completed and inaugurated in 1815, two years after the death of the architect of the church, Antonio Cachia.

This church is unique in Valletta as it has a concave and balanced façade divided into three bays. The concaved section has a main portal adorned with architrave and elongated coronet with a round window in the void. There is a smaller door on each of the curved sides of the concave, each with a similar design to the main door. Above each of these doors is a niche with a statue of a saint in each.

The wings consist of panels flanked by pilaster with Ionic capitals.

Above the base-board is a round window with a sculptured frame and higher above is an open balcony with stone balustrades. The jagged cornice that separates the second attic has the same receding contours containing a pediment at the centre. The second attic consists of fluted panels set within short pilasters. There are two identical bell towers also having ionic pilasters on each corner. They do not have spires but low balustraded walls.

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority scheduled the parish church as a Grade 1 monument on March 28, 2008 as per Government Notice 276.

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